Sir Scallywag and the Battle of Stinkybottom

Last week we were lucky enough to go on a trip to The Crucible, Jet Class have been preparing for this trip for some time!

At the start of October, we were introduced to this book. The title had us excited straight away because we found it so funny! Miss Wright then told us that we would be learning some songs about Sir Scallywag, which we were going to be singing at The Crucible!

Image result for sir scallywag and the battle of stinky bottom"

We then had a visit from Naomi who is from Music in the Round and we found out she would be performing at The Crucible. She explained to us that we would see a real musical ensemble perform. Naomi taught us all the songs and actions that we would be singing.

Can you remember which instrument Naomi played?


After Naomi had taught us the songs, we practised all the way through October. Polly was also going to be performing at The Crucible and we used her video to help us practise.

Could you teach the songs to your grown ups at home?

Then the day came! As soon as we were back at school after half term, we got on the tram into Sheffield. We stopped for a snack in the Winter Garden before the show.


When we got into The Crucible, everyone was so excited, some of us thought it felt like going to the cinema. We were all amazed when the musicians walked down the stairs playing their instruments. Polly introduced everyone in the Ensemble and showed us the instruments that they played. Then we all got to sing and dance along with the musicians. There were lots of other schools there, so it was much louder than when we had practised back at school.

Can you remember any of the names of the instruments we saw?


We had so much fun learning, practising and performing our songs. Thank you to everyone at Music in the Round who organised the performance!

Black History Month Music

October was Black History Month and we started off by learning how to play some African drums. We learnt that the drums are called Djembes, we were very lucky to each have one to play. 020

We explored the dynamics of the sounds we could make on the drums. We learnt that to change the dynamics of the music, we needed to change how we played the drums in order to make the sound louder or quieter.  We learnt lots of different songs, including some traditional Ghanaian call and response chants.

Lots of us were inspired by the drumming workshop and lots of us created our own drums using things we found in Jet and Topaz Class. Miss Wright noticed that we were composing our own versions of the chants, so we decided that instead of singing somebody else’s song for our upcoming class assembly, we would compose our own!

Fi044rst of all, we had to decide the order which we wanted to sing the chants in and we had to work together to make a decision. As we chose the best order, Miss Wright showed us that we could write our music down, and we chose different colours to represent the different chants. Being able to read our music back made it much easier when we were practising!



We followed the call and response style of music that we learnt in our workshop. Some children were the leaders and the rest of us had to respond to whatever they did. We had to really focus our attention to take turns and not interrupt each other.



Finally, after lots of practise, we had the chance to perform to the rest of the school in assembly. We were really proud of ourselves for performing in front of all the older children and  Mr Siezckarek was really impressed that we had created our own song! 073.jpg

Can you perform our composition to your grown ups at home? 

Could you make your own African Djembe?

Healthy Living Week 2019

We have been learning all about the different ways we can keep ourselves healthy this week.

On Monday we had a visit from Errol, he gave us a misson – to get active! We loved moving our bodies and getting our hearts beating quickly.

On Tuesday, we were visited by Mrs Murch, Pantasaurus and James from St John’s Ambulance. We learnt lots of important information about how to keep ourselves and others safe, and even learnt some basic first aid!

We learnt about food choices we can make to keep our bodies healthy and also how to keep our teeth healthy, we all even got our own toothbrushes to take home!

We got to try some new fruits – some were more popular than others!

Finally, we learnt that it is also important to keep our minds healthy. We practised some different ways to help our brains and bodies feel calm. We tried yoga, hand massages, back massages and belly breathing.