Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We recently visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park as part of our topic learning about animals from hot and cold places. We had such a great day out seeing so many different animals and learning all about them. We were even lucky enough to hold a snail and cockroach and stroke a snake! Take a look at our pictures to see all the fun we had


You can continue this learning at home by:

– speaking to your child about what they did, saw and found out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

– researching about a chosen animal/animals with your child using books and the Internet

– identifying the animals which would live in hot and cold places and talking about how they adapt to these places

Fairtrade fortnight

We have been looking at fairtrade recently in class. We started off by talking about what we throught ‘fair’ meant and we decided it was about ‘sharing’ and ‘being equal’. We learnt about some farmers who lived in hot countries in Africa who grew bananas but some of them weren’t getting a fair price. We didn’t like this as we like things being fair so we were happy to learn about ‘Fairtrade’ products. We found out that there are lots of different products that you can buy in the shops that are fairtrade such as coffee, oil, chocolate, sugar. We now know that fairtrade products have the fairtrade sign on them and that we should look for these products in the shop:



We then used fairtrade products to do some yummy baking of banana and chocolate chip muffins



After we had cooked them we we eat them for our snack. They were delicious!

You can continue this learning at home by:

– looking for fairtrade products next time you go food shopping by looking for products with the fairtrade logo

– baking using fairtrade products. Take a look at some different recipie ideas here:




Writers of the Week Spring 1 week 6&7

Before the holidays we read the book ‘Dogger’ and we loved it so much that we decided to write our own stories about our favourite toys. We worked really hard and put lots of effort into our stories. These 2 children won the writers of the week because they both worked really hard on applying their phonics, joining up their handwriting neatly and remembering to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops correctly.

Safety week

We had great fun before the holidays learning all about staying safe.

At the beginning of the week we had a visit from Don the ambulance man and yes he brought his ambulance along with him! Don told us all about his job as an ambulance man and he then let us actually go inside the ambulance! He showed us all the things inside the ambulance that helps keep people safe and make them feel better and we got to ask lots of questions. At the end, Don turned on the flashing lights and the sirens so we could hear and see what an ambulance looks like when driving to an emergency.

Then later on in the week we learnt about other types of safety by moving around all of the different ks1 classes.


In Topaz classroom we acted out different emergencies and what we need to do in these situations. We then performed some of these to each other and discussed the best things to do in these emergencies.


Next in Pearl classroom we learnt all about fire safety and created some fire safety rules. We also learnt an important way to help us if our clothes were ever on fire: STOP, DROP and ROLL.


After we went to Ruby classroom and learnt how to stay fit and healthy by eating a balanced diet and exercising.


Finally we came back to Jet classroom and learnt how to stay safe around home and school by identifying potential dangers.



To continue this learning at home:

– ask your child to talk about the different aspects of safety they have learnt

– talk to your child about what to do in different emergencies and who can help them and how they can help others

– talk through fire safety, road safety etc. rules

– walk through your home and talk about the potential dangers and how to avoid these


Books at Bedtime

All FS and KS1 classes in school have been taking part in the ‘Books at Bedtime’ competition, where we have been reading a book with our adult every night before bed. Every Friday for 3 weeks we brought our filled in sheet of all the books we had read that week and then one child won a brand new book. Last Friday was the last day of the competition and to celebrate we all wore our pyjamas (including teachers!) We had a special assembly to celebrate and a child from each class won a pack of new books. We have loved reading and discovering some new books and authors. Keep the reading up at home every night to discover even more wonderful books!



PE fun!

We have had so much fun in PE recently as we were lucky enough to have a professional Judo teacher come to school to teach us some moves. We even learnt the Japanese terms ‘hajime’ (start) and ‘sore made’ (stop).


We have also been lucky enough to have Rachel, a gymnastics coach, every Wednesday. This week we got to practise the animal moves we had learnt as well as tuck, pike, straddle on the apparatus. We enjoyed every minute of it and can’t wait till next week!


Can you show your adult tuck, pike and straddle at home? To make it even trickier can you can show a tuck, pike and straddle jump?

Moral Stories

In our R.E learning we have been looking at moral stories from both Islam and Christianity. We have learnt that moral stories have messages or a lesson to be learnt from them. We recently looked at the Christian moral story of Zacchaeus the tax collector. We acted out the story as a class and then discussed what we thought the moral of the story was. We decided that it was about being kind to people and forgiving them for their wrongs. imageHave a look at some other moral stories and discuss with your adult at home what you think the stories are teaching us:

– The Hare and the Tortoise

– The Boy Who Cried Wolf

– The Ant and Grasshopper

– The Lion and the Rabbit

– The Honest Wood Cutter