Healthy Living Workshop

We recently took part in a healthy living workshop where we learnt all about being healthy. We did various activities some of which included: making fruit kebabs, making healthy lunchboxes and doing exercise. IMG_2648[1]



This half term we are learning all about plants. We have been looking at the main parts of a plant and what their function is.

In our first week back after the holidays we planted our own sunflower seed and learnt all about what plants need to grow. We have made sure that they have lots of sunlight in our classroom and we are watering them everyday and some are now starting to grow. Come and have a look at them in class!

Look at the pictures below of us planting our seed. Can you remember the order of the steps?

imageYou can continue this learning at home by:

– planting some seeds at home – you could try growing some vegetables or herbs

– looking at and talking about the main parts of a plant – can you find the stem, roots, flowers, leaves? Can you say what their job is?

– going to the park/ countryside and looking  at all the different flowers/plants you can see. Can you name them?

Easter Workshop

Just before the Easter holidays we invited our adults into class to come and make some Easter crafts with us. We had lots of fun and had to use our creative skills to help us. Take a look at all the fun we had below and we want to say a big thank you to all the adults that came along to help.


Global Citizenship Week

Recently our whole school has been learning about Global Citizenship. There are 17 global goals have a look at them below:


In Y1 and Y2 we focused on hunger and poverty. In class we looked at what poverty was and discussed what we thought ‘poor’ meant and decided that it wasn’t just about money, but also about not having clean water and clothes and not being able to go to to school and get an education.

Have a look at the pictures to see all the learning we did:


Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We recently visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park as part of our topic learning about animals from hot and cold places. We had such a great day out seeing so many different animals and learning all about them. We were even lucky enough to hold a snail and cockroach and stroke a snake! Take a look at our pictures to see all the fun we had


You can continue this learning at home by:

– speaking to your child about what they did, saw and found out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

– researching about a chosen animal/animals with your child using books and the Internet

– identifying the animals which would live in hot and cold places and talking about how they adapt to these places