Worlds Largest Lesson


Today we looked at the Global Goals. We thought really hard about how we could take action and make a difference!


Fairtrade Fortnight


Over Fairtrade Fortnight Y1 learnt all about Fairtrade and what Fairtrade is. As part of this we baked some delicious chocolate and banana muffins using Fairtrade ingredients. We know what the Fairtrade logo looks like and we noticed that the logo is on some of our favourite food!



Y1 went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

What a fun day we had! We got up close to some creatures including a giant snail and a humming cockroach! Some children were really brave and held both the snail and the cockroach. We saw lots of animals around the park and talked about whether these animals live in hot and cold places and why.

A tasty surprise

IMG_3645[1]This term we are looking at the story Handa’s Surprise. So far, we have read the story and looked at the 7 different fruits Handa puts in her basket. This morning we tried the 7 fruits from the story¬† (orange, banana, mango, pineapple, avocado, passion fruit and guava) and described them to each other. Can you guess which fruit was our favourite?

Hot and Cold

IMG_3570[1]This term, we are looking at hot and cold places and their features. So far we’ve talked about different hot and cold places such as; Spain, Africa and Antarctica and we have sorted pictures into groups. We are going to be looking at what animals live in these hot and cold places. Soon we will be going to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to learn more about animals and their habitats.

Safety Week

This week we learnt about how to be safe on the internet and around fires. We had really good discussions about how to be safe and what to do/who to tell if something upsets us on the internet. We discussed how to stay safe around fires, what we should and what we shouldn’t do and what a good/bad looks like. #safetyweek